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Gloryluxe is an online platform that makes information and specialised knowledge available to the public, with a premium option.  The organisation is founded and anchored by Glory O. Etaduovie.

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How to Manage Toxic Employee

How to Manage Toxic Employees Culled from Harvard Review: Amy Gallo, October 3, 2016 How…

Customer Service Concerns in the Pension Industry – Part One

Until recently, some fields of study did not exist. They may have existed as a…

What do the words, THANK YOU, mean to you?

In Spanish, thank you is 'mil gracias'. Are they just two words?  Do they mean more? Are they…

How Insurable Interest Affects your Claim

The irony of settlement of insurance claims, is that the recipients of insurance claims cheques…

Change Management for Result

The only thing constant as change is the appearance of the sun daily, the air…

Value of an Engaged Staff

About 12 years ago, a friend invited me to an event of the Chartered Institute…

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