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Response-ability and Responsibility – How do They Matter?

Response-ability and Responsibility – How do They Matter? Have you found yourself admiring a friend, workmate, or senior officer at the office who exudes relative and unusual confidence and calmness, in response to challenging situations? This comes with response-ability. This is different from being responsible. The similarity between the two words may be a bit …

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Building Workable and Sustainable Strategies and Niches – Why many Fail.

Building Workable and Sustainable Strategies and Niches Strategies are statements of intent – a journey of purpose and how to get there, successfully anticipating obstacles and avoiding them. This is whether corporate or personal – yes, personal. Some just think strategies are only corporate. We all need one. Strategies were “once defined as the art …

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Do You Know the Services of The NSITF for you?

Do You Know the services of The NSITF to You? The National Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF, was an offshoot of the National Provident fund (NPF) enacted in 1961 to target poverty alleviation, especially for the private sector workers in the multinational companies in the country. These poverty alleviation arrangement plans included the effects of …

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EXECUTIVE INTELLIGENCE – BOOK REVIEW Author: Justin Menkes “In today’s workplace, an individual cannot become a star executive without possessing a set of business ‘smarts’ called executive intelligence”. “Smart” in different contexts could be positively viewed as well as negatively viewed. In either case, there is a reference to uncommon wisdom in problem-solving or decision-making. …

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How to Manage Toxic Employee

How to Manage Toxic Employees Culled from Harvard Review: Amy Gallo, October 3, 2016 How do you do when you have a staff sticking out like a sore thumb or a greasy finger? Do you feel frustrated? Worse if you think it is deliberate sabotage. In some cases, de-energizing their teammates with negative behavior and …

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What do the words, THANK YOU, mean to you?

In Spanish, thank you is ‘mil gracias’. Are they just two words?  Do they mean more? Are they meant to be used only in our homes and for loved ones only? Do they have any bearing on staff productivity? Is there any bearing with saying ‘thank you on mind engagement and loyalty of employees? Why would a lady, …


How Insurable Interest Affects your Claim

The irony of settlement of insurance claims, is that the recipients of insurance claims cheques walk away quietly unannounced. This is due to respect for the customer’s privacy, unless the customer is magnanimous to allow some publicity, may be in a celebrated case. In 2021 alone, NaiCom disclosed that the insurance industry paid N238 Billion …


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