About Gloryluxe

Who We Are:
Gloryluxe is an online platform that makes information and specialised knowledge available to the public, with a premium option. Gloryluxe is founded and anchored by Glory O. Etaduovie.

Information in the public domain is provided by way of
– blog articles
– downloadable eBooks
– statistical presentations (graphs/charts & images)
– etc

What We Do:
Gloryluxe is powered by Knowledge Gap Bridge Limited – a company registered in Nigeria to provide the following services:
– consultancy, training and advisory services on business and -financial matters
– business/market research and feedback
– business/marketing management and/or agents
– etc, etc.

These services are made available online to those in dire need of relevant information, at https://gloryluxe.com.ng

To be one of the top five Nigerian providers of high-quality information and services necessary for business establishment, growth, survival and recovery

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